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    ident Xi J★inping talked over phone with Polish President Andrzej Du★da, reiterating China's firm supportto the Polish governm★ent and people in combating the COVID-19 epidemic. Xi no

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    飔ed China hadheld a video conference of health experts wi★th Polandand other Central and Eastern European countries★ (CEECs) to timely share information Q

  • LOL外围网站

    and relevant measure★s on epidemic prevention and control. Xi said by upholdi★ng thevision of a community with a shared future for huma★nity, China is willing to R

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evail over the pandemi★c and safeguard the planet. Xi said China is ready to P


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enhance cooperation with other ★countries to fight the epidemic and safeguard global publ★ic health security. -- Chinese President Xi Jx

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inpingtalke★d over phone with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at r★equest, noting that the COVID-19 broke out in many partso★f the w1


orld and was spreading rapidlyandthe top priority ★now is for countries to strengthen cooperation. Xi said ★by upholding thevision of bq

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uilding a community with a sha★red future for mankind, and with an open, transparent and★ responsible attitude, China has timely release7


d epidemic★ information and shared experience in prevention, control★ and treatment with the WHO and the international communi★ty withoI

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ut reserve, and doing its best to provide assista★nce for other parties. Xi stressed that the internationa★l community has already recoX

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